Tab Bar Title Management

LinuxHack3rLinuxHack3r Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins

One thing I'd like to take a look at is managing page titles in the tab bar in the browser.

For example, right now lets say I have a gallery titled "Gallery XYZ". Right now, when you load that page in a browser, the title is "Gallery XYZ - LinuxHack3r". Obviously it shows my real name instead of my username on DGRIN.

I found that if I edit the Display Name on "Edit my Profile", this changes the section after "Gallery XYZ". For example, if I change my Display Name to "Test" then the tab bar for that page shows "Gallery XYZ - Test".

What I'd like to so is to completely disable that second part so it just shows "Gallery XYZ". Is that something that can be done via site settings or custom CSS?

I'm trying to "clean up" per say my analytics results so each page loaded doesn't have my name at the end of it.


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