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Hello, I'm considering smugmug for setting up old familly images scans.
Then, I want to be able to share these images privately with some of my familly, so that they can view the images and also be able to add the people's name or location or date of the picture, in the form of keywords. I understand this is possible with comments, is it possible with keywords ? Does it works if build an App for a specific gallery, share this App, will they be able to comments/tag/ add keywords to the pictures, so they can enrich the knowledge on the pictures ?


  • JenuineJenuine Big grins Registered Users Posts: 143 SmugMug Employee

    Hello Antoine, adding keywords is only available for the logged in administrator of the site. Since we don't recommend giving anyone that level of access, the only account level that would safely permit this would be the Pro subscription. It has the ability to have assistants log in and do many things that you the owner of the site can do without giving them access to private information like the account settings where your payment information resides.

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