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This is basically a copy/paste from a discussion on 4/2017 but it seems I'm having the same issue but not the same solution.

"I've been having a problem with my smugmug site not allowing me to upload pictures. I will place a photo onto the uploader (drag and drop method) and the status bar will move all the way across, showing that image is uploading, but when the status bar gets to the end, it turns red and it stops and I get a small error message that says, "invalid login". This also happens if I use the other uploading method (browse computer for image). I will attach a screenshot of the error message that I am getting."

I am using a brand new iMac, OS 11.6 and tried with Firefox 93 and Safari 15.

My web address is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Matt, We're going to send you an email directly from the SmugMug help desk so we can help troubleshoot that issue with you directly. That email should be in your inbox shortly. Thanks!

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