RESULTS Mini Challenge # 326 - Autumn’s Beauty

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Thank you everyone who entered for all the lovely fall photos.

@JAG – I really like the contrast of the autumn foliage with the blue sky in the Mirror Lake pano, and the Chugiak Mountain Range photo has me wondering if living with such amazing scenery makes up for the long cold winter.

@grandmaR – I went back and forth between all three of your photos trying to pick my favorite and while I like the way the light makes the yellow trees glow in the Colorado photo I finally settled on Rhode Island because of the variety of color and the peek-a-boo reflections.

@mrsshecky – welcome to the challenges. I really like the detail you captured in the leaf, and the curling shape is certainly emphasized by your technique for the background. How did you do that? The beauty of the season isn’t only in the color.

@Cavalier – I like all three of your photos, and they seem to emphasize different aspects of the season. It was tough to choose a favorite, but I finally decided on Sugar Pine Reservoir because of the feeling of solitude and peace it conveys, along with the beautiful gold reflections.

@DavidRGillespie – I don’t remember your original first photo, but I have no complaints about the replacement. Beautiful color, an activity I would like to try, and lovely reflections all combine to make a wonderful photo.

@pegelli – I do like the two leaves that seem to be valiantly trying to hang on, and the fungi photo is a different take on autumn’s beauty. I did get several photographs of interesting fungi on one of my autumn hiking vacations. And I like the bokeh in that shot. But I guess I’m going traditional because your third shot of the path through the colorful trees is my favorite. Maybe it’s because I missed out on hiking similarly colorful paths, but there it is.

@sarasphotos – I really like the amazing pop of color in your orange leaves, and the fall bike ride really does hit a lot of buttons for me. But I just keep coming back to the Railroad bridge over the Wertach. The colors are great and I like the angle of the bridge. But the reflection is what really gets me.

@slpollett – I’m so glad you were able to find some photos to enter in the challenge. While I like the color in the urban DC setting and the leading lines of the leaves on the park benches, I really like the intense color and the composition of your second photo.

And now the part that I always find hardest. Maybe I should just flip a coin…

Third place, tie
@JAG Mirror Lake Alaska


Second place, @DavidRGillespie

First place, @sarasphotos

The next challenge is yours Sara.



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