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I found myself with family who stated that my private family album links were taking them to my Senior photos page. I tried to correct, but then I was finding several older pages redirecting to one page. I decided to go into organize and make a back up file and start over as I am obviously getting too old to correct the errors with the tools given. But the "styles" are not working out well for me and I do not like the formats! Why did my page change? Likely user error, but as I could not correct and I am not having any luck with the UNFRIENDLY UI, my site is currently down!

I am getting so frustrated I am about to pull the plug on SM and look for something a little more user friendly, but I have been a customer for several years and I am just pissed at the moment. Was once a time I was skilled enough to do some simple coding and customization... those days are obviously gone and I don't like feeling stupid.

I just want a clean page where I can easily plop my links and photos into with the storefront, but the site is not as easy as it once was to me.

A little help before I reach for the plug? What the hell am I doing wrong besides getting stupid as I turn 50?!?

Lee Wiren


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    Hi Lee, I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble. We would be happy to help you get that sorted out though, right from the help desk. If you can send us an email directly to [email protected] we'll get back to you from there and help get everything squared away. Thanks!

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  • WirenWiren Wiren Registered Users Posts: 741 Major grins

    Email sent, thanks Josie

    Lee Wiren
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