Cannon beach

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I used the new masking tools in LR, they are pretty amazing.


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    Wonderful shot.

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    It is an awesome location, isn't it?. Been there only once -- can't wait to get back there. Also, I think you meant Cannon Beach.

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    Terrific shot. And I agree that the new masking tools in Lightroom are very good.

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    I did mean Cannon Beach. Corrected the title.

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    Thanks everyone glad you liked it.

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    Terrific image, Cristóbal. This is why one should always shoot in RAW. Because as the tools get better over time you can create new versions of your old pictures that are better than ever.

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    Nice capture, wonderful processing!

    I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going anyway.

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    Thank you so much for this image!! I miss Oregon sooo much. (Had hoped to move there.)

    The first time travelling to Cannon Beach I remember smelling the Pacific Ocean before seeing it. You drive up this crest and BAM, the ocean appears and envelopes your view. Transcendental!

    Seeing this image triggered that memory, plus the entire trip of memories in Oregon.

    Thank you again. :)

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    Thanks everyone. I agree Ziggy, Oregon is special, not only the coast but also the high desert.

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    Spot on image and wonderful capture of this iconic beach and Haystack Rock

    The scenery here and the hike to the beach is stunning.

    I share your love of Oregon. Mt Hood, the high desert, John Day Fossil Beds State Park, endless hiking trails, the fruit loop, and of course miles of great coastline, the list is almost endless. Truly one of the "better" lower-48 destinations.

    Love the presentation in B&W! Well done.

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