Support "guest" logins via Google and Apple identities

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One of the reasons we create galleries is to share them with friends or customers. To this end would be very helpful to have an easy way to enable specific people to leave comments on photos inside galleries. Currently this requires that these people create SmugMug logins in order to comment. This creates an unnecessarily high bar and results in very few comments being left. Google photos and Apple shared photo albums work around this problem by leveraging the fact that most people have Google identities and (in some countries) very large numbers have Apple identities. Both of these companies support APIs to have their identities used on other websites and it should be possible for SmugMug to support login via these identities for authentication purposes.


  • gSeaVelogSeaVelo Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
    (And is there a current preferred way to leave feedback? It looks like UserVoice is gone, there appears to be a new Google Docs based system in its stead, and there is this forum. Which is preferred?)
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    I already replied to your other post here.

    You can either post here or use the Google Form - both works fine.

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