Duplicates when downloading

OurFamilyHistorianOurFamilyHistorian Beginner grinnerRegistered Users Posts: 9 Big grins

When downloading from galleries with iPhone photos I'm now seeing duplicates of every one that had an HEIC original format. They are the same photo, but now two jpg versions with the same name, but the one with the higher file size is names xxxx 2.jpg. Is there a way to stop this from happening. Or just download one version?


  • rainforest1155rainforest1155 SmugMug Support Hero Registered Users Posts: 4,550 Major grins

    This sounds like something best handled on our HelpDesk along with links to specific examples so we can take a closer look. Thanks!

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  • OurFamilyHistorianOurFamilyHistorian Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 9 Big grins

    Thank you. Help desk says this is a known problem and they are working on it.

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