Hide right sidebar on mobile

werunhsvwerunhsv Registered Users Posts: 22 Big grins

Looking to hide the right sidebar on this page.
Found some code that hides it and the breadcrumb on both pc and mobile. How do I modify to just hide just the sidebar on the mobile?

  • Hides Right Sidebar, Centers Content
  • and Hides Breadcrumbs
  • on VMI Folder and Galleries
    .sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-page-widget-nav,
    .sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-page-widget-content,
    .sm-page-node-5ZmdX .sm-page-layout-region-right,
    .sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-page-layout-region-right,
    .sm-page-node-5ZmdX .sm-gallery-cover .sm-breadcrumbs,
    .sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-gallery-cover .sm-breadcrumbs {display: none;}

.sm-page-node-5ZmdX .sm-page-layout-region-center,
.sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-page-layout-region-center {margin-right: auto !important;}

.sm-page-node-5ZmdX .sm-gallery-cover,
.sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-gallery-cover {margin: 0 auto;}

.sm-page-parentnode-5ZmdX .sm-gallery-images {text-align: center;}


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