Minimal exif info export from Lightroom to retain date?

romebotromebot GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 15 Big grins
I was exporting images with copyright only for clients, but then in smugmug my photos dont have a creation date when viewing from the photo tab. when I export with exif data, then the client sees too much. What setting allows me to retain the image date and time w/o divulging too much other info?


  • AllenAllen "tweak 'til it squeaks" St. Louis, MoRegistered Users Posts: 9,953 Major grins
    edited November 28, 2021

    For photos missing exif data, on my Win 10 pc I can right click on a photo and in properties/details I can add the date.

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  • romebotromebot GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 15 Big grins
    thanks. I'm not able to do that on a mac, and cust support said wasn't possible via smugmug... would be great to add it, but also good if I can just export the date from lightroom w/o all the other info.
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