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I've tagged all my photos, but when I search, I get a log of photos that do not have that tag. what is the search based on? does the gallery name have to do with it? want to find a way to get results based on who is tagged. possible?


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    When you say you tagged your photos, are you referring to adding keywords to them?

    Here's a page that describes how the search works:

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    this is great, a lot of info, so a little over my head, but am I to take from this that gallery and folder names will return search results.
    E.g. I have a folder called Charlie's adventures and in that folder there are several galleries, like Charlie & Friend, and in that gallery are pics of many dogs. Charlie is tagged in any photo he is in, but not tagged in the others.

    When I want to search for ONLY of Charlie's photos, I see all the dogs tagged, which I do not want. Maybe I'm not understanding, but how can I see only results for what I've tagged Charlie? I don't want to change the gallery name, or the folder that contains it, but I will if that's the only option. Do I see different results in this case than people I share the gallery link with? Or does the have to do with the metatages on the gallery?

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    Tagging a photo is called a keyword.
    The link to use to bring up for any KW. 2nd shows how to combine two or more.

    (your site)/keyword < link for your keyword list.
    (your site)/keyword/finches
    (your site)/keyword/finches;crossbills

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