Tuberolachnis insignus Giant Willow Aphid (Fresh Material)

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I recently found this species as a photo-bomber when photographing smaller insects. That individual had only one antenna and was a bit too large for the frame of the lens then in use. The lens I used this time was more flexible.

I found three individuals, in the same locality, on the underside of a detached piece of willow bark on the ground.

When in front of a lens, they tend to be constantly moving, if slowly. So getting stereo pairs was challenging. I have had some success.

The images have been cropped variously.

The insect is brown but secretes the covering of white powder.

The stereo is crosseye.

Olympus EM-1, (manual mode), Olympus m4/3 30mm f3.5 ED macro,f13 (first) f11 ISO 250 ISO 400, twin flash, hand-held.


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