Why can I no longer download my own images from my Smugmug site?

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I can no longer download my images from my Smugmug site. When I try to download them through my PC or laptop, it just gives me a tiny GIF. But, I can download them through my cell phone?



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    On the desktop, did you use the download button in the lightbox or near the thumbnail in the gallery display? Just right-clicking on thumbnail will only get you a copy of the small image you clicked on ... when using the desktop. Confusingly, on a mobile device, if you do long press on the same gallery thumbnail, you do get a real download. If you want to download a whole bunch of pictures, you can use the Organizer. Select the pictures and hit the download button (next to the delete button) on the third line up top.

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  • SpiritVisionPhotoSpiritVisionPhoto Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins

    I click on the image, then I click on the download icon. It then downloads a tiny "spacer.GIF" whatever that is???

    Thank You

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    Can you please email the SmugMug support desk at help@smugmug,com so we can help you troubleshoot what is going on with your downloads? We would like to have you share some screenshots with us and share some back with you to help you with this issue.

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