Using SmugMug as photo website and place for my articles?

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I am a writer and an aspiring photographer. My initial plan was to develop a Wordpress website to publish my articles, and then use Smugmug as a photo website. However, some people advise me that it is better to have one site for everything, photos and articles. I don't know if this is possible with Smugmug? I know it is probably not what Smugmug is intended for, but still... Except for the Basic plan, pages are included in the package so maybe it is possible. So I have a few questions about this.

1) Is it possible to create a page with only links to other pages? For example a page "articles" that shows up in the menu on my homepage, and this page contains the title of all my articles, and when clicking the title of an article another page appears with the actual article. Is that possible?

2) Can 1 folder contain multiple pages? Like a folder "Articles" that then contains lots of pages within that folder, one article per page obviously. Can anyone refer to a site where this is done so that I can see how it'd look?

3) Can 1 folder contain both a Gallery and a Page? For example a folder "Concerts" which then contains another folder "Rolling Stones", and within that folder there would be both a Gallery with pictures of that concert and a Page with a concert review. Is that possible? How would it look like?

4) If the above is possible at all, can someone refer me to a website hosted by Smugmug where there are a lot of Pages, so that I can see how it would actually look? (or post screenshots)

PS: apologies if this question belongs in the SmugMug Customization subforum of DGrin ; I thought this is the right subforum but feel free to move if needed :)


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