Harry Behret, RIP

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For the old timers in Dgrin, some sad news. Harry B passed away.


Harry was one of the original Dgriners and a stalwart of the wildlife forum.

ar dheis de go raibh a anam dilis


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    Harry was a terrific bird photographer and a lively presence on Dgrin when I first joined and for years thereafter. Behind the scenes he had a special talent for cutting though bullshit, which I always admired. I certainly will miss him.

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    Rest in Peace Harry.

    I remember him being quite active on here and I also looked at his posts.

    Always lurking, sometimes participating. :D
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    Harry was one of a kind. I consider myself fortunate to have known him IRL and to have been introduced to his world of birding during a visit to his home. Andy and I saw some amazing sites and shared a few meals with Harry and his wife. Over the years, I saw him now and then with the most recent, at a workshop in Parkfield where we shot during the day and had some great conversations on the porch.

    We stayed in touch through Facebook and it was also where I learned of passing. Prior, he shared a memoir of sorts. He was a Vietnam era Veteran and later, a civil servant, and most of all, a father to Jason. His contributions to the various photography forums he was part of will be missed by many and I count myself fortunate to have known him. And even though we did not always agree on things, I am better off for having had the opportunity to have those discussions.

    Godspeed Harry and condolences to your family and friends.

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    For those with interest, Harry's family posted the following on his Facebook page:

    Update on Dad.
    Right now we are waiting for the bureaucracy to crawl along at it's slow pace. Mom is dealing with everything the best she can but I wanted to give an update to those who are curious.
    Per Dad's wish, he is being cremated. Because of this, there is not a huge rush to try and set up a wake or funeral service. We are currently planning on doing something in the Atlanta area down the road so his grandkids can say goodbye properly, but no date has been set.
    I have also reached out to the Brevard Zoo to see if they would be willing to do a memorial / fundraiser night. Dad had a lot of animal prints in his office, and if we can use them to support one of his preferred causes, we will.
    Mom is doing okay, and she appreciates all the support she has received. We request that in lieu of flowers, if you feel the need to do something in Dad's name, please make a donation to Cavalier Rescue of Florida. Alex and Georgi were a great comfort to my folks these past few years and we think that dad would like to be remembered this way.
    I will provide more updates as we get them. Again, I want to thank everyone for their support in these trying times. It has meant a lot to see how many people dad has a positive impact on over the years.`

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    Harry was a hell of guy.


    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    RIP Harry. Really sad to hear this news. What a wonderful person and photographer he was.

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    After years of absence, I thought to see if Harry was still here. Sadly, I found this. Harry was a good one. I suppose there aren't more replies to this since many of us are with Harry now.
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    It seems so strange that Harry isn't with us anymore. I see his name and think he's still here. I used to post pictures of squirrels just to annoy him, he was such a great guy and is sorely missed.

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