Happy Holidays to all!

El GatoEl Gato Global TrekkerRegistered Users Posts: 1,015 Major grins

My wish to everyone is to spend the coming days with those whom you keep close by your side, in your heart and in spirit. That you enjoy a safe, happy, healthy and peaceful holidays. Wishing all a happy and prosperous New Year ahead.

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.


  • black mambablack mamba Major grins Jacksonville, FLRegistered Users Posts: 7,856 Major grins
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    Same to you, my friend. It's been a trying year for all of us. Dwelling on the positive, one of the bright aspects for me has been the opportunity to share some common interests with the great folks on this forum. I sincerely hope that the camaraderie we share will continue and grow in the coming year.

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  • pegellipegelli Major grins BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 7,489 Major grins

    The best wishes for every member of this great community and his family

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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  • willard3willard3 Jefe Máximo Registered Users Posts: 2,536 Major grins

    Feliz Navidad from the Sheep family

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  • CornflakeCornflake Major grins ArizonaRegistered Users Posts: 3,142 Major grins

    Happy holidays to everyone. It's a good bunch of people around here. Peace be with you.

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 3,252 Major grins

    ^^ Like you said, Don - it's a good bunch of people here.

    Happy holidays to one and all and the best of wishes for the coming year.

  • JuanoJuano Major grins Lima, PeruRegistered Users Posts: 4,511 Major grins

    Like Don said, peace be with you. This is a great community.

  • JuanoJuano Major grins Lima, PeruRegistered Users Posts: 4,511 Major grins

    Nice shot Sara!

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