Feature Request: More robust API upload support

aimtronaimtron Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
If I'm not mistaken, Smugmug utilizes S3 for storage (correct me if I'm wrong). I'd really like to see more robust support via the API for uploading images to albums. What I mean by this is that Server to Server upload adds a very unnecessary MITM slowing down the process as well as incurring potential cost if you're hosting an integrated app within AWS. I would like to see either of the following:

1. Pre-signed url to upload that can be generated via api which then could be embedded on a page (no CORS restrictions).
2. Allow developers to register their Origins to avoid CORS issues while allowing the generation of strictly scoped tokens.
- Create an album via back-end (server to server) then generate a token for the user of the app that allows them to only upload to that album for a period of time.

These are the 2 primary options I wouldn't mind seeing via the API as providing a MITM/proxy approach can be mind-numbingly slow, is inefficient (whether stored in temp memory or file system of our app server before upload to smugmug), and probably isn't exactly cost effective. I also wouldn't mind an API endpoint where I can request the zipping of files in an album instead or again writing a proxy that does all of this work and creates extra layers.

I'm open to chatting on the subjects as well as to solutions in AWS/S3/Lambda solutions.
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