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JohnEBongoJohnEBongo Major grinsManassas, VaRegistered Users Posts: 340 Major grins

Went out to the Udvar Hazy Museum just outside Dulles International Airport yesterday....


  • GattoGatto Major grins Registered Users Posts: 378 Major grins

    Very nice

  • moose135moose135 Major grins Long Island, NY, Charlotte, NC and points between...Registered Users Posts: 1,373 Major grins

    Nice shots! That is a great place for a little plane spotting. Have you been to Gravelly Point as well?

  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Registered Users Posts: 1,015 Major grins

    Great shots!!

    Surprised you were able to get to an area that afforded such good imaging. Around here they still run you off if you hang around the airport side roads and even the roads where one use to be able to just sit, enjoy a snack and watch planes come and go all day. Being anywhere near the landing and takeoff runways (outside the fences and barriers, of course) is still a no-no. Airport police and the private contracted police are vigilant.

    Again, very nice shots.

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