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I am not sure if I chose the correct category for my question. I have searched this question several times in the forum since I first started blogging in SM in 2019. Before that, and still, I have a free account with WordPress, but I don't love all the ads, etc. Someone from support told me once that he didn't recommend blogging in my SM site because it wasn't really designed for that - especially for posts as long as mine. I feel like he gave me a pretty detailed explanation and of course I can't find that email.

My question is, has this changed at all? I am all but ready to delete my account with WordPress, as again, I think their ads, etc look tacky in my posts, and I am not ready to pay the $300 annually to get access to more customization features. I would like to keep my blog and website with SM, but I don't want to stay if this cannot be done. I am looking into trying a free trial with Pixieset because I am incredibly impressed with their templates, and one specifically looks exactly like what I have been trying to build here on SM. Does SM still suggest not blogging within SM?

The blog section of my SM site for reference:


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