RESULTS: Mini Challenge #329: Street Photography

BMW KurtBMW Kurt Registered Users Posts: 229 Major grins

There were a lot of great entries and this was difficult to judge. I have to give Honorable Mentions to all the photos! But... we need a first, second and third place so here goes.

3rd Place:
DavidRGillespie I like the facial expression on the subjects face. What is he looking at so seriously? The market background, people and colors, also makes this an interesting photo.

2nd Place:
LexingtonAlarm I also like the arm positions and the just the crowd of people not paying attention to anyone else.

1st Place:
grandmaR Since the day you posted this shot I have kept coming back to look at it. The young man's attitude really comes through his eyes and obvious hand gesture. The background of helmets and people on bikes adds to the tension. I would really like to see this one in B&W.

It may be a while before I am back. I have travel to Greece and Germany scheduled for the next six months (COVID dependent).

Congratulations to the winners and I will be in touch!


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