Text will overlay on the Menu when scrolling down...

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Hi all, here is my problem and don't know yet a fix for this. I got a MENU with Home/People/Landscape/etc.. (see it in my website www.sivasphotography.com) on the top-right of the page. Just below the same, got a "Welcome" Logo and below that is rest of the page content. Whenever I scroll down on my page, it will freeze Menu (just like first-row freeze option in Microsoft Excel) and that results in "Welcome" text overlaying on top of Menu options. How can I configure/design it in a way that Menu options will also scroll-up? Thanks in advance.




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    It seems like you have your heading set so that it is pinned.

    To change that,

    • Customize
    • Click Entire Site
    • Click the Layout button
    • Scroll down
    • Change the PINNING Section as desired.

  • SivaSSivaS Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
    Great timing, Denise!! Worked great! :) ... I found the same exact info from the below discussion too where you had responded. Just learning to search better in this forum/community now! :) ... Thanks again!

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