SmugMug WordPress Plugin

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I'm sure this has been requested a million times, but I wanted to show my support for it as well. The only plugin I know that does this is Photonic, but I believe it is limited only to what SmugMug allows through its API. If SmugMug made their own official WordPress plugin, couldn't it be more feature-rich and better?

I see so many SmugMug subscribers with WordPress websites who design their SmugMug page and WordPress in a similar way to create a consistent brand for themselves. I assume many of us wouldn't even need a SmugMug website separate from our WordPress website if we could just embed our SmugMug gallery directly into our WordPress website.

WordPress is the biggest CMS on the internet, so I was surprised to learn that SmugMug didn't have an official plugin for it. My website's visitor's experience would be so much better if they didn't have to jump between my separated blog and photo gallery, its confusing for them because it's impossible for me to make both websites look exactly the same. My print sales would go up if the customers had an easier time navigating (along with SmugMug's profit from their 15% commission)

WordPress is open source, and building a plugin would make SmugMug look good as a company because they are supporting the open-source community. An official SmugMug plugin would help the company gain more customers by driving traffic to SmugMug's website from the plugin repository that millions of people use on a daily basis. More people would subscribe to SmugMug service if they noticed a WordPress compatibility feature on SmugMug's landing page.

With all of these different benefits to having a SmugMug WordPress plugin, why hasn't one been created yet?
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