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NaturePhotographerNaturePhotographer Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Hi. I'm wondering if there is anyone who will customize a Smugmug site for me for a reasonable fee. I find it very difficult to use. I can't spend weeks trying to get a site operational. I currently use Pixsy and found it fairly easy. I wanted to change to Smugmug to have the ability to sell photo products in addition to prints. I really just want the site to look like the one I currently have, or similar. Shouldn't be so hard! I have designed quite a few websites using various content management systems and this one has been the most difficult.


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    JenuineJenuine Registered Users Posts: 155 SmugMug Employee

    We have customizing specialists that are also SmugMug Support Heroes. If you reach out to them they can assist in getting the site set up with how to make it look a certain way and/or give you the how to's so that you can know how to accomplish those things yourself. Help@smugmug.com

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    dabbott11dabbott11 Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Good evening, I am a Houston based photographer seeking assistance with setting up my SmugMug webpage for a more professional and polished look. I am looking to connect with someone that is savvy with customizing the site. take a look and my site and you'll see what needs to change. ascensionphtotography1.com.
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