Winter Walks in Tyrol

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Last week we took a winter getaway to St. Ulrich in Pillersee in Tyrol, Austria, which is more or less 3 hours away from us depending on traffic conditions. Every day I took walks while my husband went cross country skiing, then we met up for tea and treats in the afternoon. Here are a few of the many I shot during the week.

1) Dry winter riverbed

2) & 3) From the balcony of our hotel room

4) Pillersee looking towards St. Ulrich

5) Snowy trail

6), 7) & 8) We waited for the best weather to visit the scenic outlook at the top of a local ski lift.

9) On the day we left there was a snow storm

10) Selfie - found a tree stump where I could prop the camera

Enjoy! Feedback welcome.


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