Source for wood panel prints that Smugmug used to sell

stubblestubble Big grinsRegistered Users Posts: 17 Big grins

Hi, I think I used to get these great wood mount prints from Smugmug. Nothing like these available now. I'm wondering if anyone knows the source or has a line on something similar.

Attributes I love:

  • sturdy 1/4" panel with black chamfered edge
  • floating due to the mounting block
  • good print quality


  • JenuineJenuine Big grins Registered Users Posts: 154 SmugMug Employee

    With our Bay photo lab there is a Maple Wood print offered, but it is different than what is shown in your photo. This lab does have a Gallery Mount option that can have a black edge,

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  • stubblestubble Big grins Registered Users Posts: 17 Big grins

    Thank you Jen, that is helpful. I will look at their options. I did find another vendor that will do a very similar mount and edge, just no blocking for the floating look. Got one and it's fabulous.

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