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I am trying to arrange galleries within a Sharegroup. After arranging the galleries, I click "Save", and exit the Sharegroup edit feature. The changes do not save. Any suggestions?
Thank you.


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    Hi Naums,

    Instead of using a Sharegroup, I'd recommend using an Unlisted folder for the galleries. When you make the galleries Public inside an Unlisted folder, the link to the folder acts like a Sharegroup, and it's much easier to arrange the galleries :)

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    All The Best,
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    Does this mean Sharegroups are broken and not coming back? Or is there a good way to keep access restricted galleries together under 1 link for people? It seems the current way suggested above either requires opening up galleries to the public or else requires people to type in the password twice, once for the folder and then again to get into the gallery if we don't want some photos open to the public?
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    edited July 30, 2022

    Hi! Sharegroups are semi retired. Existing sharegroups can be used, however there is a known issue with arranging them. You can arrange them, but the changes won't save. New sharegroups can not be created.

    An option is create a parent folder that is Unlisted, and it can have a password as well. Then within that folder, set the subfolders and galleries to Public. They'll inherit the URL code from the Unlisted folder, keeping them unlisted, but they'll be public within that folder. So you can then share 1 folder link URL with a guest, and they can view the subfolders and galleries within.

    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
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