Changing background colors and text for particular pages/galleries/folders only

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where and what codes do I need to input to:

Change all galleries/folders so they have a black background and white text?

It's for the following pages:

and the same for the subgalleries for Photography.

What CSS codes can I use to do this?

I would like to do this on all pages except ones that have text, i.e. CV, Painting List, Prices, Contact page, About, etc.

Not sure how I would resolve the Header/Footer on those pages since the text color would need to be white on black background and black on the white background pages. I may have to have it be a separate color, like red to resolve this. However, the home page with the red background needs to stay as is.



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    No CSS needed. Your site can use more than one theme, and the theme customizer has the tools to make the color changes you are after. Have one theme for the galleries and folders and a second one for the text pages. From what I think you are describing, I think it would work best to apply the "text-page-theme" to the Entire Site template in the Customizer, but then apply the "galleries-and-folders" theme to the All Folders and All Galleries templates. Check out . On my site I use three themes: a light background theme for most pages and folders, a dark background theme for galleries, and an even darker background theme with dim text for the slideshow ("Enjoy") pages.

    Jim Ringland . . . . .
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    Hi Jtring,

    Thank you for your guidance.

    I tried the theme changes but it didn't hold for the titles of the Painting Folder for the following:

    “Paintings” title
    “Abstract” title
    “Figurative/Portraiture” title
    “Landscape/Still Lifes” title
    “Hybrids” title

    So, I didn't save the changes until hearing back from you on how to do this.

    After I hear from you I will try your suggestions.

    Thank you,

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    I changed the backgrounds to black but still can’t figure out how to fix the title mention as now they are invisible for paintings and photographs

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    Also, now all the text pages: About, Prices, changed to black background which was not supposed to happen. Also, now text on Contact page is invisible, as it was changed to white with the folders and galleries.

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    and now the icons/links for 'share, slideshow and download are not showing even with changing the text to red, as well as the titles. Just the contact text was fixed, but I would prefer black text on all the text only pages, with a white background. This is a nightmare.

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    Sorry for the slow response. I've been away this week. It looks like your site now has reasonable dark text on light background for the text pages, reasonable light text on a dark background for the folders and galleries, and a workable Contact page. Did this get resolved while I was gone or is there still some problem I don't see?

    Jim Ringland . . . . .
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