'Make this Custom' not showing

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edited March 8, 2022 in SmugMug Customization

I have two folders: Paintings and Photographs which have folders and then galleries within them. The main Paintings folder with 4 folders I am able to change the background from white to black and the text black to white, when assigned 'this folder only.' There is not an option to 'make this custom.' It ends up changing both folders/galleries and the text only pages: About, Prices, Contact. And, a serious issue is the titles below the 4 folders in the Paintings Folder do not change to white with the rest of the text; same issue with the Photography folder. And, the icons/links for 'slideshow, download, share' also do not change text color. Therefore, the titles and those links are not visible. Only by make the background grey and not black will they show up. I was directed to 'make the folder custom', but I am not given that option in Customization. HELP!


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