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Hi everyone,

I'm setting up a new SmugMug site for a nonprofit group. We are trying to create two sections - one open to the public and the other limited to a select few in the organization.

I'd like the private section to house all of or photos with the public section being a subset of these.

I created an "image repository" folder structure with visibility set to private. In the public section, I "collected" images from the private image repository so there aren't duplicate images on the site. Unfortunately, it seems like the collected photos inherit security from their source folder.

Is there a better approach to accomplish this?



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    I think your plan sounds like a fairly good one, though you'll just need one small adjustment. Photos from Private galleries can only be viewed by the logged-in account owner, and that also applies to collected versions as well. Though, you can try setting the visibility setting of the main image repository folder to be Unlisted, instead of Private. The Unlisted setting will still keep that folder and its contents completely hidden on your website from visitors, though that setting will allow you to collect photos from the gallery and display them within other galleries normally.

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    That worked, thanks!

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    My issue is related but maybe similar, can you assist.....
    my first beginner question as new user to SM, the issue with having sent a link to friend they can access the folder and gallery ( after accepting invitation thru email link ) they can access through the web but not the app.? i had them log out of the app, delete the app and re-install the app and have sent fresh invite to view ( as people i choose ) form my share settings and still no joy.
    what am i missing..???????
    The message to the friend when trying to view thru the app is " this gallery has been marked for some eyes only by the photographer please contact them to request access"....
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    @deehache said:
    My issue is related but maybe similar, can you assist.....

    You will probably get a faster response by contacting the SmugMug help desk directly.

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