Modifying Captions

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My goal is captions with line breaks. I looked into Aaron M's examples, but they did not work. So I put Safari in Develop mode to poke around, and it looks like the Lightbox, when using Theme Sierra, has two modes: by default, the Caption is on the image, or you can press the "I" for info and it will print to the side.

It appears that when printing on the side the
tag has effect, CSS changes have effect, but when it is over the image, they do not. I saw no evidence of the text in the html in this mode, so I am guessing the Caption is created on the server side where the image is modified before sending to the client side for display.

If this is the case, I don't see a way to change the behavior.

However, adding white space codes did add white space, so what ever renders the Caption on the server applies them, even though it does not apply

Does anyone know how to control the Caption on the image itself?

Also, is this something unique to the Sierra Theme?
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