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Forgive the cross post in this Forum. Hello all. I am a photographer and totally ignorant when it comes to coding. Smug Mug Hero’s have been generous in helping me create text and links on my homepage, www.markcherninphotography.com that highlights some of my recent accomplishments.

A problem exists however that needs to be addressed for which I don’t have an inkling of knowledge or expertise. The problem is this. When a person clicks on a link in the top “Awards” section of my homepage; either red, green or blue, each of these links immediately opens the Gallery that houses the Award for a second, then the appropriate link to the correct image appears in that Gallery. Try it an you will see what I mean. I asked the Hero who helped me create the content block how to correct this so that JUST the correct award image is activated, and not the Gallery itself (for an instant) and here is his reply:

“This is a NORMAL behaviour - the image when linked using a link will ALWAYS open in a gallery.  There is no possibility to change this.

Because the links that I have created are custom HTML links - you will need to format them using CSS code - you can see some references here:  https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_text.asp

You will need to open the HTML code content block and in that content block open the CSS tab, where you will be able further style your text.”

As I said, I am a dunce and have no ability to code, , the only code I know is my area code!

Any help or referral to an appropriate source that does SM customization is appreciated. I would like to get this fixed in order to launch my new site.

Many thanks!


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