Results: Mini Challenge # 333 "Keeping Time"

pegellipegelli Registered Users Posts: 8,777 Major grins

It's a pity that only four people entered in this mini, I would have expected more especially since it's not a very hard subject.

On the other hand I liked all the entries and here are some comments on the series presented:

@grandmaR : as already mentioned the Alkmaar shots are very nice, despite not being entries (your shot definitely could have been). And the diversity of different ways to keep time was also much appreciated.

@sarasphotos : Your first one made me smile and next to the many clocks the other artifacts for sale were also interesting (did you buy something?) and the Elton John Vinyl LP is also a bit of a time machine ;)

@DavidRGillespie : Nice entries all, especially the third, you can follow where these people in the foreground are looking at

@JAG : Nice diverse set, a large one, an electronic one and last but not least a magnificent old watch which was very well captured as a well composed sitll life.

The HM goes to @grandmaR for the two Alkmaar shots, they keep fascinating me and I just include them in the mini as normal entries :)

Third place is for @sarasphotos for the market shot, great time pieces and lot of other interesting things to see

Second place is for @JAG for the still life with the timeless piece, the whole image fits together with the coin and the reflection

And the winner this time is @DavidRGillespie for his Montreal shot

The human interest and the way their gaze lead to the clock make it more than just a photo with a clock. Well deserved and I'm looking forward what subject you can bring us the next time.

Pieter, aka pegelli
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    grandmaRgrandmaR Registered Users Posts: 1,947 Major grins

    THank you for the HM on the Alkmaar shot. I took a print of my dad's photo with me so I could get the same angle. Our visit there was specifically to see how things had changed since 1950. In my dad's photo, my mother, my sister and I are tiny figures in the bottom of the photo.

    I agree that there should have been more entries. But the winner is very deserving and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with for the next mini

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    sarasphotossarasphotos Registered Users Posts: 3,830 Major grins

    @pegelli Pieter, thanks for the 3rd place and for running the mini. Congrats to @DavidRGillespie for the win with the fine shot - I really liked that one.

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    JAGJAG Super Moderators Posts: 9,088 moderator

    Thank you for the runner up 2nd placing of my still life timeless piece Pieter. Congrats to Sara and @DavidRGillespie for their winning images. It's all you David for the next round! Hopefully more people will participate.

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    sapphire73sapphire73 Registered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 1,944 moderator

    @pegelli, thank you for running a great mini! I had really hoped to enter this time but we are just starting to rebuild the damaged portion of our home. Finally.

    Congratulations to all of the participants, and to @DavidRGillespie on the winning photo. And @JAG, welcome back!

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