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How do I redirect pages? I have about 6 pages that are indexed but I re-organized the site and need those pages redireted.


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  • JoechiJoechi Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins

    I can't believe the system doesn't have that option.. So we just suffer until Google and Bing pull the indexing off for those pages? Any other options?

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    Hi Joechi,
    Mike is correct - there's not a redirect option. That said, I submitted a feature request for you on this to our product team.

    What you could do right now is contact us at the HelpDesk to have the custom pages in question duplicated. Then you could move the original back and modify it by manually adding a link to the page in its new location.

    Another option would be to customize the 404 error page to provide some helpful links/resources for visitors coming into your site with outdated link.
    To do so, while viewing the /404 link on your site, you may click on the customize design button in the section bar to customize the look of the 404 error page.

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