Remove "from _________" (galleryname) in lightbox

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edited April 29, 2022 in SmugMug Customization

Hi !

I'm looking for a way to remove the "FROM [gallery name]" link in lightbox.

I created new galleries with collected photos from my original galleries. I want only the "collected" gallery to be able to be seen by the public, but not the original gallery.

I understand that when I make the original gallery private, the collected photo can't be seen at all. But when I make the original gallery unlisted, the collected photo can be seen but it removes all additional lightbox photo details (keywords, etc.) that I really want to remain viewable.

OPTION A: A CSS code that links the from url to the "collected" gallery from the lightbox rather than the "original"
OPTION B: A CSS code that just removes the link from appearing in the lightbox altogether

honestly, option B is preferable but i'd be so relieved by either! Thank you for your help!


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