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I wrote this all out. and then copy and pasted it into this post, and then the window closed and I lost everything. So I am doing it again - in order that people posted.

Joyce I liked both of the first two you posted but the one of your child has such joyous energy that I prefer that, although I wish it wasn't cropped so closely

Jo while the vultures are very unusual, I really prefer your foggy morning

Pieter I hope you have a nice trip, but I am sorry that I can't pick your icicle - I've never thought of photographing an icicle like that.

mr peas, I love the title of "When One Speaks" I appreciate a good title, and that's a good photo and a good title for it

Toby, I love your skater - the light is golden and he is almost in flight - although your third photo on the beach is one of my favorites too.

Barbara - a handsome cat is always a good photo. I do also like your beach photo.

I thought I knew what ones I was going to pick but I've changed my mind while I was writing this.

So HM for Jo West's foggy morning

3rd place for mr peas "When One Speaks"

2nd place for Joyce's Li'l One

1st place for Toby's Skater (I guess he is a hockey player)

Incidentally, I am doing better day by day - I'm almost back to normal or what passes for normal for me.

“" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”


  • JAGJAG Super Moderators Posts: 9,087 moderator

    thank you @grandmaR for your comments. The crop on my lil one actually was taken using a long telephoto lens in a portrait position, thus, the only crop was the huge expanse of water that was over her head. I just cropped that down. The only reason I turned the camera in that direction, was to remove other people, trash and objects that would have had to be cropped out anyway. I was at quite a distance from her, so it is what it is. Thank you though for the second place runner up. Congrats to @LexingtonAlarm for the win and @mr peas for the third placing. Also kudos to HM @Cavalier . One of my favorites Jo.

    So now it is up to you @LexingtonAlarm to come up with the next challenge and post it in the next couple days.

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    @grandmaR - thanks for your comments and giving my photo an HM! Congratulations to Toby for the 1st place and to Joyce and @mr peas for their 2nd and 3rd place. Nice mini, @grandmaR .

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    Thanks for a great mini, @grandmaR. I'm glad you are feeling better. Congrats to @LexingtonAlarm for the win. Also, congratulations to @JAG and @mr peas for placing and to @Cavalier for the HM. I really liked all these photos. All different and all excellent.

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    Again thanks @grandmaR .. this was a good mini with varied I said, I never expected you would choose me as the winner. Also congrats to @JAG for 2nd place, and @mr peas for when one speaks.. I really like the colors in that one, and to @Cavalier for HM with another great tree picture.. I will put up the next mini-challenge by tomorrow. The theme is "A Sense of Place"

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    Thanks for the vote for 3rd place!

    Awesome to see people contributing their photos.

    I look forward to more entries and challenges!

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