Smugmug doesn't interpret Video Timestamps correctly

cameronkscameronks Registered Users Posts: 12 Big grins

I'm having a similar issue with video files from both my iPhone (uploaded from the Smugmug app) and video files from my Nikon Z 6II.

Both handle timezones differently in their metadata, and Smugmug interprets both incorrectly, causing files to be out of sort when sorting by Date Taken.

For example,

Here, the time the video was taken was 11:03pm locally. Smugmug interprets this as hours before, placing videos sooner in sort order than they should be.

For Nikon Z 6II files, macOS interprets the file correctly as taken at 5:34pm:

...but Smugmug uses the UTC time, placing it 4 hours into the future.


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    jcharmonjcharmon Registered Users Posts: 25 Big grins

    I assume your stills photos have the correct time in Smugmug? Video metadata 'standards' are a real mess, even worse than the situation for still photos. I usually edit videos with Davinci Resolve, which loses all time stamp data, and I have to manually add it using IMatch. For a couple of short video clips I recently posted on Smugmug, date/time information in Smugmug was correct, but as noted I'd carefully updated the proper date/time tags first.

    It would seem that the question is: which video date/time tags does Smugmug read?

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    Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight Registered Users Posts: 65 Big grins

    Hi! Please send us an email at help@smugmug.com, from your account email address, with links to the videos. It can also be helpful if you can attach the original videos to the email as well. We look forward to being able to help further!

    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
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