Uploading Scrollable 360 Sphere Photos to SmugMug?

MarkSykesMarkSykes Registered Users Posts: 26 Big grins

Can you please tell me how I can upload (or if it's even possible) to upload a 360 sphere photo to SmugMug?

I've taken a series of photos using my drone, that's given me multi photo files.
Then I ran them through "PanoramaStudio 3 Pro" to create a 360 degree scrollable image which can be viewed in my internet browser.
The folder on my PC has a HTML link, 3 script files and a folder containing "bite sized" images of the 360 degree sphere.

I'd like to somehow upload these files, so I could let the viewer click the thumbnail, which would open up the 360 sphere for them to scroll around.

Thank you for any help.


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