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Hi -- I've had my Smug Mug account for ~10 years but got out of professional wedding photography probably 5 years ago. Last weekend as my gift I shot a good friends wedding -- so I want to make sure I am not making a profit on any print purchases they make. I tried to set it to the baseline in my pro account by selecting 0% -- but a 4*6 costs .79 cents and a 5*7 is $1.65 -- that can't be right -- it seems a lot higher than I remember! What are the base prices now? Thank you! And any idea on how I can make sure my prices are at Smug Mug's base price level is greatly appreciated!


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    We have had some prices increase in terms of prints over the years. Can you please email us at help@smugmug.com and we will look through your prices and take a look at what print lab you are using and the base cost for the prints? This will also help us advise on the easiest way to create a pricelist to not earn any profits.

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