Extract all keywords from all photos in all galleries

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Is it possible to extract all the keywords you have used for ALL you photos in one process/procedure.
The reason I am asking is that I use people names as keywords and work pretty nice for my purpose, but I sure would like to have a complete list generated/extracted for all my photos.
Thank you in advance


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    I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.

    If you'd like to see all keywords on your site you can add /keyword to the end of your URL.

    A list of the special pages can be seen at https://school.smugmug.com/SmugMug-Tips/Customize-Your-System-Pages.

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    Log in go to any passworded protected area so they show in list also.
    It will give you a list without any breaks between KW's. At least you'll see them all.

    (your site)/keyword

    To separate the keywords you have to some tricks in Excel.

    I copied the HTML of the keyword box using Developer Tools in Firefox.
    Using Inspect I right clicked in top left of KW box and selected Inspect in the FF drop menu.
    This line will highlight or close below it in the HTML. <div class="sm-keywords-list">
    Move it it and right click on it and select "Edit as HTML".
    Click in edit box > select all > copy.
    Paste this into notepad text editor.
    In notepad remove all unneeded characters.

    Used "replace" to remove all not needed text and symbols.
    </a> " {replaced with a blank}
    <a class="sm-muted sm-keyword-one" href="/keyword/ (replaced this with an @ symbol)

    .... rd-one" href="/keyword/allen's%20hummingbird">allen's hu.... (I left the < in front of >allen's)
    The > will be used to split text to columns.

    I got a list of my 1235 keywords.
    Good luck.

    Al - Just a volunteer here having fun
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    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I appreciate this very much.

    The (yoursite)/keyword works perfectly. it is actually really really easy and I have now a complete list.

    THANK YOU.!! .
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