Remove "Buy" button from Videos, Video Lightboxes

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Hi: I operate a family photo/video website. Through this website, I provide the ability for my family members to have photo prints created through Smugmug.

However, the Buy button also appears on videos, video lightboxes, etc. If you click on this button, you see a message stating "No products are available for this video." -- which makes sense.

Would really like to remove the Buy button from videos and video lightboxes, while leaving it in place for photos. Have looked closely and have not found a CSS selector specific to video vs. photo.



  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MAAdministrators Posts: 13,959 moderator

    Have you considered placing the videos in a separate gallery that is not set up for selling photos? There wouldn't be a buy button in that case.

    If you want the photos and videos intermixed you could use an unlisted gallery for each, then collect both the photos and the videos into a public gallery.

    Help page on collecting photos:

  • Tomkirk23Tomkirk23 Major grins Registered Users Posts: 55 Big grins

    Denise: I appreciate the idea, but would not be realistic for my situation... in that I have many such galleries with photos and videos intermixed (which is how I want it).

    I don't if there actually are any video "products" offered through SmugMug..... so perhaps this "Buy" button should be dependent upon whether there is anything to buy...... also, would be easy to control if there was a CSS selector....

    Much appreciate your help....

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