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I am finding it hard to judge this challenge. The overall idea was to choose a group of photos that represented an idea of a place. But I am finding within that framework, the quality of the photos themselves also really matter.

Everyone really made an effort to create a group of photos representing a place. Fantastic. It could be a lot of work, more than picking one photo on a theme.

So First, my picks for the best photos. After that, i will announce the winners for the groups of photos.

For the photos themselves (these are not the final challenge winners, but it helps me pick the group that will be the winner.)

HM to @JAG for the shot of autumn in Alaska. The colors in the photo are great, and the looming mountains in the background are subtle, yet imply there is something big out there.

Third place to @grandmaR for the dunking chair in Bermuda. That woman does not look happy. The photo would be improved if the masts for the old ship were further from the figure, but the expression overcomes all of that.

Second place to @slpollett for the Stone Farmhouse near Marble Falls. That is a well-composed photo, and the tree taking up the corner of the house gives the photo depth and interest.

First place to @Cavalier for Tioga (the east side of Yosemite) - with Lake Tenaya under a brewing thunder storm. This is a fantastic photo. The colors are very limited but the grey of the rocks, contrasted with the darker clouds and the forest, makes for a stunning composition. Also the sharpening is well done.

This review helped me to make some final selections about sense of place:

HM to @grandmaR for the Bermuda series. Each photo is different, but together they feel like they tell a story, and each photo represents something particular to Bermuda.

Third Place to @slpollett for the Central Texas Bluebonnets. I grew up in Central Texas and my mother would always take us to see bluebonnets in bloom. It was one of her favorite early spring activities. The group of photos shows both the abundance of bluebonnets and the Texas themes. I really like the Yellow rose of Texas photo, and am not surprised that it is one of your most requested pictures.

Second Place to @bfluegie for the series on Great Smoky National Park. I did not pick out a single picture, although my favorite in the group is Sunrise, Clingmans Dome Parking Lot. But the collection of photos together is very expressive, and each one is also high quality. This grouping fully met the terms of the challenge, and was very well done.

First Place to @Cavalier for the Yosemite Series. I have never been to Yosemite, although I have been to a number of National Parks out west. Each photo was excellent, and the grouping worked really well, moving from an iconic overview to detail, to drama, and finally to the cabin which I loved. Well done. This was a great series.

So Jo, @Cavalier, I guess the torch passes to you.

I would like to have posted the thumbnails of the groups of four photos for all the winners, but it was beyond me technical ability.. If one of you could tell me how to post a series of 4 thumbnails, , i will update the results post.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I very much enjoyed the groupings on Gros Morne in Newfoundland, Pieter (@pegelli), and the group from Mexico by @mr peas . Good job by all.



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    CavalierCavalier Registered Users Posts: 3,033 Major grins

    Toby - @LexingtonAlarm - This was such an interesting topic for a mini. And well run! Thank you so much for the first place selection. All of the stories of a Sense of Place wee outstanding.

    I will try to get the next one up tomorrow. Here's hoping I can come up with something as interesting!

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    edited June 26, 2022

    Thank you for the third place for the ducking stool and the HM for the series. I had another photo picked out as the fourth one for that series, but I substituted the ducking stool one at the last minute. I wanted a photo from each of the four main areas of Bermuda, Hamilton, King's Wharf, St. George and the Flats, and I also wanted the photos to show a progression in time - film pictures taken in 1963, 1995 , and digitial photos from 2004 and 2018. But the photo I had in mind for St. George from 1995 wasn't good enough..

    “"..an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    sapphire73sapphire73 Registered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 1,944 moderator

    Toby, thank you for the interesting and well run mini! I enjoyed checking in to see the entries (but didn't have time to participate more fully).
    And congratulations @Cavalier, @bfluegie, @slpollett, and @grandmaR on the photos and sets that Toby singled out!

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    JAGJAG Super Moderators Posts: 9,088 moderator

    Nice work @LexingtonAlarm congrats to all the winners!

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    slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,191 Major grins

    Thank you for the 2nd place photo and 3rd place set. This was a fun theme! Congrats to Jo for the win!


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    bfluegiebfluegie Registered Users Posts: 737 Major grins

    Toby, @LexingtonAlarm, thanks for an interesting challenge and for selecting my Great Smoky Mountains collection for second place. Congrats to Jo @Cavalier for first place. And congrats to everyone else who placed. I really enjoyed this one.

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