Parasitic Wasp series

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Over the past few weeks I have captured a few different species of parasitic wasps. Hope you enjoy them.

Braconid Wasps - Braconidae

Chalcidoid Wasps - Trichogrammatidae
The Trichogrammatidae are a family of tiny wasps in the Chalcidoidea that include some of the smallest of all insects, with most species having adults less than 1 mm in length, with species of Megaphragma having an adult body length less than 300 μm. The over 840 species are placed in about 80 genera; their distribution is worldwide. Trichogrammatids parasitize the eggs of many different orders of insects. As such, they are among the more important biological control agents known, attacking many pest insects (especially Lepidoptera).

Braconid Wasps - Braconidae - Genus Atanycolus

Braconid Wasps - Doryctinae

Braconid Wasps - Braconidae

Ichneumonid Wasps- Ichneumonidae - Genus Anomalon

Ichneumonid Wasps- Netelia


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