Logo missing

alanqpralanqpr Mersea IslandRegistered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
My company logo is visible on my main PC but is completely absent on my mobile & tablet


  • PhyxiusPhyxius SmugMug Support Specialist Huntingtown, MarylandRegistered Users Posts: 1,392 Major grins

    Hi, I'm happy to help. May I have a link to your site? If you prefer not to post it here you can also email our help desk at [email protected]

    It sounds like the logo image may be in a private gallery. Please check the gallery settings and make sure it's set to either unlisted or public to allow the image to appear for logged out visitors. We will be standing by!

    Christina Dale
    SmugMug Support Specialist - www.help.smugmug.com

    Equine Photography in Maryland - Dressage, Eventing, Hunters, Jumpers
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