Enable the colorspace popup for the smug mug Lightroom Classic plugin

OjaOja Registered Users Posts: 76 Big grins

Now smug mug has (finally!) enabled images to be any color space on the website (https://headwayapp.co/smugmug-release-notes) can we get this enabled in the Lightroom plugin? I have long been annoyed by the plugin always uploading sRGB (and the site converting anything but sRGB to sRGB for web display). Many of my images have colors outside of sRGB and most current devices have color rendering capability closer to display P3 as well as basically every browser now being color managed.


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    Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight Registered Users Posts: 65 Big grins

    Hi! Thank you for the feedback! Currently this is a feature request, and I've added your vote. :)

    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
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