Lightroom Plugin Keeps crashing Lightroom

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edited July 24, 2022 in SmugMug Support
I'm getting real sick of spending more time debugging lightrooom and the smugmug plugin than I'm spending processing photos. Is there a better, more stable, system out there? I've tried 5x to publish on 2 "special proof smugmug publish services that I had to create to minimize the size of uploaded proofs. BTW I've already uploaded ALL the proofs but I can't easily also publish the same, ALREADY UPLOADED proofs to a different user for review. Sure, you let me move them around IN YOUR WEBSITE but then I lose access to the comments and back-and-forth with lightroom, even though all my models complain about the "review" system. And now TODAY, I finally decided to update to the plugin and I can no longer re-publish on 2 galleries at the same time. Please tell me, anyone, should I just plain give up on having a good lightroom experience AND a good SmugMug experience? I'd almost rather just find a pay-per-upload/terabyte service and leave smugmug altogether at this point rather than deal with this garbage.


  • harrisphotoharrisphoto Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 6 Big grins
    btw, I just LOVE needing to monitor a publish/republish so I can start the next one, since it crashes if I dare to NEED to update 2 of them. Based on the current rate I need to wake up in 4+ hours so I can add the next republish.
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