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To avoid "Body is 3103 characters too long." I'll trim the change log, since, DUH, dgrin decided to limit it when it matters...

Suprirsingly easy to publish the change log: here it is for anyone who'd like to read it before downloading the damn zip file or allowing Lightroom to just download it without knowing what changed. An no, I don't care how "hard" it is to publish it in "6 places". This isn't hard and serves the need of YOU'RE PAYING CUSTOMERS. BTW, I just jumped from to the "-major refactor" jumping into I would have been mutch better sticking with what was already working but I was at this point, 4 revs behind so I, sadly, took a chance.

Recommendation: don't upgrade, ever, since Smugmug keeps breaking EVERYTHING on each new plugin.

- fixed issue with conflict resolution dialog not being shown

- fixed issue with XMP files not uploading with Source
- fixed 'attempt to compare number with nil' error

- fixed bug causing out of sync warnings
- fixed issue with `Show on SmugMug`
- fixed issue with `Position` being listed twice in `Sort By`

- major refactor
- implement Order syncing and Proof Delay

- fix issue that prevent SmugVault users from uploading RAW files
- fix issue where logs could not be opened on MacOSX using console

- add support for PSD uploading to Sm Source
- hide `Upload JPEG + RAW` gallery option when `File Format` is set to `Original`

- fix corner case with PNGs, export original when no local changes exist

- bug fixes for SM Source

- initial support for SM Source

- add 'Delay Downloads' setting to gallery/quick settings
- fix 'Include Videos' setting not being able to be deselected
- fix logging path in newer versions of LR

- add 'Commerce Focused Lightbox' setting to gallery/quick settings

- fix 'The parameter is incorrect' error on Windows when 'X-Smug-Caption' header contained 'lr' and/or 'cr' characters.

- add plugin option 'Allow matches by filename only while syncing'
- add 'Apply To All' checkbox to 'Conflict Resolution' dialog

- disable multi-threaded uploading for Windows temporarily
- improve error handling for multi-threaded uploading

- handle new album defaults for 'ShowCoverImage'
- add 'ShowCoverImage' to Quick Settings
- improve handling of illegal characters in 'UrlName'
- add 'Slideshow' option to album settings
- implement multi-threaded uploading

- fix issue with comments retrieval if album comments is disabled
- fix issue with ellipses in UrlName

- update SmugMug logo to resolve display issue in some cases
- disable 'Use URL handler for Authorization' functionality
- fix upscaling error message
- default LargestSize to 5K for non-pros

- update SmugMug logo
- fix bug with image syncing related to unverified filename only matches
- handle deleted printmakers/watermarks more gracefully
- fix cornercase in image syncing where filenames had spaces and plusses

- add support for UrlName of up to 60 characters
- minor image syncing improvements

- add option to disable comment syncing
- add new display sizes and descriptions

- fix bug that prevented comment retrieval on Smart Galleries
- fix issue with sending empty Uris instead of "null"
- fix issue with Cover Image settings not saving

- Add support for Cover Image
- Allow users to choose which metadata is included on Publish/Republish

- Fix issue with captions and keywords on uploads due to server-side changes

- Fix bug that prevented users with revoked tokens from reauthorizing
- Fix issue with incorrectly constructed guest uploading urls

- Fix issue that prevented LR3/4 users from renaming galleries/folders
- Use https for checking for new plugin updates

- Fix issue with in-app upgrades failing to download new file

- Fix cornercase with Image syncing related to file-name only matching

- Add option to disable the URL handler during Authorization

- prevent users from being able to upscale photos
- uploads over https
- minor enhancement to hierarchy syncing

- major under the hood rewrite/refactor
- added "Access" and "Visibility" settings to basic version of gallery setting dialog
- renamed "Sync Hierarchy" to "Sync Folders and Galleries"
- moved syncing of folders, galleries and photos to background so you continue using LR during syncing
- fixed bug preventing dragging and dropping of folders and galleries to a new location in the publish services tree
- added code to disable advanced mode if the screen resolution is too small

- remove "External Embedding" option from gallery settings for NSM accounts
- fix error "An Internal error had occurred ?:0: attempt to index field 'Expansions' (a nil value)"

- remove "Allow Likes" option from gallery settings for NSM accounts
- remove Gallery and Quick Setting sharpening options
- expose Output Sharpening for Publish Service settings
- migrate to using API node endpoints for NSM accounts

- fix bug with Feature image not getting set on advanced album dialog
- remove support for Password and PasswordHint from Quick Settings
- fix cornercase with transparent PNGs getting exported as JPEGs without transparency

- rewrite code to read files for uploading to resolve issue with SDK call that was failing for large videos
- implement "Bulk Download" gallery options

- update Album setting defaults
- update default Upload limits
- fix bug where synonyms were removed when "Remove Person Info" was selected
- fix issue with duplicate oauth_nonce being created when publishing more than one gallery at the same time

- fix bug with face tags not being removed for republishes when "Remove Person Info" was selected

- fix bug which resulted in some files not being uploaded

- fix compatibility issues with LR6
- fix incorrect grammar on Password Hint field
- fix disabled Password and Password Hint fields on Quick Settings dialog
- handle unexpected response on upload failure

- improve handling of expired accounts

- fix cornercases which may prevent galleries or folders from being created on SmugMug

- minor bug fix

- add support for Private Sharing
- refactor storage of local Preferences

- Remove "A security vulnerability was fixed" dialog

- add code to attempt to automatically fix the SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability on Windows
- fix bug with revoked tokens not showing the correct status
- improve image syncing with LR Smart Galleries
- allow new galleries or folders to connect to existing object on SmugMug when the Custom URL is the same
- in-app upgrade enhancements: improve logging, copy plugin to recommended location on read-only folder (Mac only)

- first auto-installable version for the Adobe Exchange

- add code to handle nickname changes more gracefully
- fix cornercases for oauth_timestamp refused on OAuth flow endpoints
- minor enhancement to photo digest generation

More cut off...
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