RESULTS: Mini Challenge #339: Close-ups of man-made objects

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Even though there were not many entries I still had some trouble deciding.

@sapphire73 Gretchen I enjoyed all three of your photos, even if they were not for consideration. My favorite of the tree was #3, the greenhouse handle - I love the way you caught the reflection and the perfect DOF in the photo. In photo 2 (Speyer Cathedral door) I like the way you framed the ark in the decorative arch of the door panel. I also have pictures of that door - it's very rich in subject matter!

@Cavalier No reason to be intimidated Jo, you had great entries. I liked 1 & 3 the best because they both really brought the respective subjects to life. And that bus is something else!!

@pegelli A great set of shots, Pieter, wonderful use of DOF in all three photos, although the trumpet in #1 verges slightly on the macro. Hard to say which is my favorite - I found the WW1 memorial moving.

@grandmaR I liked all of your entries for divverent reasons - the stark black and gold of the watch, the needlepoint details of #2 and the painted screen of #3. What an interesting local tradition that also highlights your painting talents!

@JAG I enjoyed your set of entries, although your re-working of #3 didn't float my boat as much as the original. My favorite of the three was the close up of the chandelier in #1. Lovely details!

The winners are:

3rd Place: @JAG for #1 Gold and Crystal Chandelier in Catherine's Palace, St. Petersburg Russia

2nd Place: @Cavalier for #3 Blues Brothers atop a vintage goofy bus

1st Place: @pegelli #2 Chained and locked: this one ticked all the boxes for me: sharp subject, interesting shapes and composition.

OK Pieter, I'm handing it off to you.


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