SmugMug plug in - Can anyone explain Sync to me?

forestlitterforestlitter Registered Users Posts: 38 Big grins

I've been reading all I can about this today but still dont understand what the "Sync Folders and Galleries" and "Sync photos" functions do, and when this sync happens.

My use case is this: I do all editing, keywording, etc. in Lightroom. I then publish to folders/galleries in Smugmug that DO NOT necessarily match my Lightroom organization. I want the images to be associated in LR & SM, so when new edits are made in LR, LR knows they need to be updated in SM. I have no need for 2 way sync, it will be only LR to SM. I'd like to control when any "syncing" or "republishing" is happening.

Can anyone put this in a nutshell for the dense? Thanks.

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