Desert marigolds

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    This shot is beautiful, in many ways, IMHO.

    The most striking, again, IMHO, is in its simplicity. Clean lines, good DoF and just the right amount of mixture between color and B&W.

    I did notice, however, two points I would attempt to "correct" in post-processing, if at all possible.

    First the solid gray-brownish line extending top to bottom on the right third of the image. Not exactly sure what this is and if it could be cloned out successfully.

    Second, the minor blurring of the center-most "bulb" of the blueish/whiteish flower stem. This may be attributed to the bokeh. However, it is a tad bit distracting as is and looks as if it is motion blur (caused by the breeze) rather than "its suppose to be that way."

    Cropping the image slightly to the left of center might result in a very nice vertical image, with again IMHO nice simplicity and clean lines, and eliminate messing with cloning out the solid vertical line.

    Overall, as I said above...This shot is beautiful, in many ways.

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    CornflakeCornflake Registered Users Posts: 3,346 Major grins

    Gato, thanks for the feedback. Those are all good points.

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    I agree with Gato and love the shot.

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