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Why are the statistics provided by gallery engagement and stats views so different? When I look at gallery engagement for a gallery, for example, it shows the largest numbers of views for an image to be 5. When I use stats - popular galleries - for the same gallery its show many more views. Gallery engagement



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    In gallery engagement we track active engagement with your images, (not views) such as clicking/tapping a photo to view it in the lightbox.

    In stats views are counted when an image loads, including all of the sizes we pre-load.

    • Hits on images that are size Small or larger. Example: If you've set a logo for your homepage, that image will register a view anytime someone visits your homepage.

      • Hits can also include sizes/images we pre-load anticipating that they will be viewed
      • Images you use for content blocks, such as folders and galleries, will register a view for every image that's set as a feature image, regardless of privacy level, if you're logged in and visiting the folder/gallery for the first time.
      • Images on the homepage will register a view whenever someone visits the page. If you feature images from an unlisted gallery, they'll get a view. We also do our best to predict which images you're most likely to click, so we deliver those display sizes to your browser, too. They aren't visible to you until you click on a small image to get a bigger one, but it's an image we send to your browser so it's counted as a view.
      • Owner views are currently counted when accessing SmugMug via mobile apps.
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